Brighter Side Giving Store is a resource for school-aged children in crisis. Children are invited to “shop” in a space that allows them to make choices. Our goal is to help children feel empowered and special with a sense of dignity. 

This experience is available by referral from community organizations including the Oregon Department of Human Services and serves children in foster care, unhoused children, and children experiencing other crises. Children will shop for an assortment of coats, clothing, underwear, shoes, backpacks, books, toys & more.

important information for families

The store is intended for school-aged kids experiencing crisis. A crisis is defined as a condition of instability or danger or a dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person’s life. This may include children who are in the foster care system; have experienced sexual violence or abuse; are living with a lack of housing resources, food resources, or crime protection; have been impacted by a natural disaster; are experiencing life changes due to a family member’s illness; are experiencing suicidality; or are experiencing a major life change such as teen pregnancy.

Children have the opportunity to shop for the following items at no cost to them or their family:
– 4 outfits (pants + shirts)
– New sneakers
– Winter Coat
– Sweatshirt
– Seasonal Items
– Book
– Extras like toys, wallets, purses, headphones, etc.

A child’s choice is an important piece of this shopping experience. Though we will encourage shoppers to take home all their shopping list allows, we do not guarantee that they will choose to leave with all of these items.

  • Brighter Side serves youth who are school-aged, usually ages 5-18 and grades K-12.
  • Brighter Side serves youth who are in need of a dignifying experience, not a full wardrobe.
  • One child per appointment time. Each newly created appointment will generate a new intake form for any additional children. Please do not attempt to add information for multiple children on one appointment intake form.
  • An adult must accompany the child to the store. Please plan to stay on-site during the appointment.
  • In order to accommodate the most children possible, please limit requests to 2-3 visits per child per year.

Mannahouse Church (on North Game Farm Road near Costco) is partnering with Every Child to house the store at no cost to support this program long-term.


Store Access: The appointment entrance is located on the South side of the church, marked by double doors a “Brighter Side” sign facing the playground. Upon ringing the doorbell, a volunteer will escort the child and accompanying adult to the store.


Mondays: 3:00/4:00/5:00
Wednesdays: 3:00/4:00/5:00
Thursdays: 3:00/4:00/5:00
Weekend appointments by request only. Contact for more information.

Referring agencies and personnel should provide this URL to the referred family. The adult who is accompanying the child to the store should select an appointment time and complete the intake form. If the referring personnel happens to be accompanying the child to the store, they should create the appointment and fill out the form.

Every Child Lane County may provide transportation to Eugene/Springfield residents in the form of a taxi, if the child and accompanying adult would not otherwise be able to access the store. Requests for transportation must be made 2 business days prior to the appointment by calling 541-321-5731 or by emailing

Please ensure that you have read all of the important information and guidelines listed above before you sign up for an appointment.

A Dignifying, Boutique-Like Store – “not just a thrift store”

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