What is My NeighbOR?

My NeighbOR mobilizes Oregonians to meet the unique, pressing, and tangible needs of families.

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My Neighbor FAQs

Real-time needs get posted from verified families and youth who are connected to Oregon’s foster and human services system. Since March 2020, My NeighbOR has mobilized Oregonians to meet the essential and unique needs felt by those impacted by foster care.

My NeighbOR serves those currently impacted by the foster system including youth, foster families, and birth families with open ODHS cases.

My NeighbOR serves all 36 Oregon counties. For the most up-to-date list of our Affiliates, please visit our Connect Page.

Still have more questions? Email myneighbor@everychildoregon.org.

From Our Community

Every Child mobilizes community to uplift children & families impacted by foster care in Oregon.